Dimensioning /Weighing Solutions

SPS 4C from Sword Automation Solutions provides affordable dimensioning for shipping and receiving operations.This unique dimensioning device combines affordable pricing with high-tech dimensioning. The SPS 4C is designed for accurate, reliable and efficient capturing of shipment and product data, dimensions, weight, dimensional weight and up to 7 custom data fields, with performance comparable to others in the market but at a fraction of the cost.

Standard software includes real-time data transfer interface, data management, and real-time data transfer as standard features. PC client can be integrated into almost any WMS or ERP system. A bar code reader can be connected directly to the PC client to facilitate product information data collection.

The SPS 4C utilizes the latest sensor technology with years of experience in logistics that was proven to be a reliable, robust and versatile solution for long-term use. SPS requires no on-site maintenance or calibration. Everything can be done through remote access support.

Top performance, user friendly interface and pricing like no other cubing system on the market today.

Click this link to see a shipping operation  - Shipping with SPS 4C

SPS 3D Dimensioning and Weighing

 Walz’s SPS 3D dimensioning scale from Sword Automation Solutions is the fastest solution for calculating NTEP Certified dimensions of boxes, flats, polybags, tubes and other irregular-shaped packages.

SPS 3D is designed to ensure freight compliance and deter revenue-loss from miscalculated dimensions in retail, office and shipping environments. With an operator display directly attached and no PC interface required, SPS 3D is truly plug and play — simply open, assemble and display dimensions. Instantly.

SPS 3D’s multiple patented, innovative sensing technology and 3D imaging work together to optimize time and throughput for boxes, flats, polybags, tubes and irregular- shaped packages. For flats or packages under 1.2 inches, use the flat detection trigger located on the base plate or connect to a compatible scale.

Pallet Dimensioning

RVSS Large Freight Dimensional Scanner is a fast, volumetric dimensional scanning for stationary palletized freight.

DVSS Dynamic Dimensional Scanner is an in-motion, volumetric dimensional scanning for belts & conveyors.

RVSS and DVSS Paller Dimensioning Systems work with virtually and freight shapes. They provide volume and cubic volume and work with or without scales. Standard WMS interface, measures freight in any direction and operates in less than 2.5 seconds.