Automatic Carton Opening Solutions

ABOT provides safe automated box cutting at the lowest cost possible.Speed improved and cost reduced with innovative patent pending design. Box positioning and clamping handle random sizes with improved stability and cut quality. Manual setting for depth of cut and height of the cut relative to the top of the box. Cuts on all four sides or on two or three sides. No air required – 120 VAC on a standard 20 A circuit (other voltages available on request).

Automatic induct function receives boxes from standard powered conveyor. Feed boxes with 2″ gaps and little or no back pressure. Standard TOR is 32″ but is variable.

One button start-up and easy view operator interface indicators as only part of the new ABOT design. Heavy Duty construction with 3.5″ tube steel vertical channels and 6.5″ horizontal channel. All I/O points accessible through a single Ethernet connection.

Take a look at the system in action РClick this link  ABOT IN ACTION